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The Trinity Zero from Trinity Coffee really has been a labour of love for the founder Mark. Beginning in 2015 with the Trinity ONE it quickly became Australia’s most funded coffee project on Kickstarter, in 2021 they realised that in order to move forward, they needed to step back and focus on environmental issues. With the founder being an environmental engineer, it was a logical step to merge the two passions and make a coffee press with the smallest environmental footprint possible. The Trinity Zero is a patented coffee press which can create a stronger coffee, in a shorter time anywhere and at any time from the office to the top of a mountain, it is highly portable due to its ultra-compact design 90mm x 65mm and weighing just 115g. This little device can knock out a coffee in just 60 seconds with very little effort from you, it uses a built-in stainless-steel filter which means no disposable pods or messy filter papers which also means no additional purchases.

The brewing process is simple, take 18g of your ground coffee, somewhere between a French press and espresso grind coarseness and pop it in the basket. Fill the water chamber to the marked level, give it 30 seconds, then attach the lid and press firmly until the water stops dripping, repeat until all the water has passed through (between 10-15 pumps). Then you just need to top up the shot with hot milk or water up to 225ml, it isn’t an espresso so you probably wouldn’t want to drink it as it is, but the finished coffee is stronger than what you would get from a French press. The Trinity Zero could give the Aeropress a run for its money, with a more compact build it is travel friendly and doesn’t require filters, but it does take longer and costs more. The coffee is a lovely rich hybrid brew, if you love your coffee full of depth and flavour this environmentally friendly press is a great little travel buddy. RRP $49.95

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This portable hybrid brew coffee press is so dinky it can be tucked away in your pocket.
  • Compact and highly portable
  • Concentrated coffee in 60 seconds from 10-15 pumps
  • Reusable filter basket
  • Hybrid Brew
  • Reduced environmental impact with minimal materials used
  • Pricey