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Tronixpro Beach Trolley Tronixpro Beach Trolley
Tronixpro Beach Trolley 4

When you arrive at the destination for your fishing trip you just want to get going, you don’t want to have to trek to-and-fro to your car over the sand or shingle to get set up, the Tronixpro Beach Trolley will assist you with getting your gear in place quickly and safely.

This trolley measures up with an axle width of 78cm, a trolley bed width of 39cm, 78cm depth and height from 82cm up to 130cm, it is constructed with an aluminium frame and pneumatic wheels to help keep the weight down low but the strength up. This large capacity trolley is quick and easy to setup, it folds down flat, well as flat as those chunky wheels allow, so it just needs folding out and the handle can be adjusted to the appropriate height with a twist of a toggle. It has been specifically designed to carry tackle boxes, bait, clothes, cool boxes and all your accessories from the car to the fishing mark but this doesn’t mean it can’t be utilised for picnics, camping and other day trips. The fold flat function makes it easier to stow away in the car without swallowing up too much space, the trolley is covered in a protective sponge that provides a grippy surface to help keep the items secure in transit.

What makes the trolley particularly nifty over the beach terrain is the large 18cm pneumatic wheels, they spread the load of the trolley weight evenly over a large area which prevents them from sinking into the sand, shingle, small rocks, piers and breakwaters. This takes the stress and awkwardness out of long walks to the fishing mark or to a boat for anglers, it is also ideal for taking over muddy terrain and fields down to riversides and ponds. This trolley is like a mini 4×4 for your fishing gear, it makes travelling over difficult terrain with all your gear much easier letting you set up and enjoy your hobby faster and more stress free. RRP £179.99

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Take the stress out of getting your fishing gear to their mark with this rugged trolley.
  • Tough 18cm pneumatic wheels
  • High capacity
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Folds down flat
  • Height adjustable
  • Grippy sponge coating
  • Versatile