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Wacaco Cuppamoka Wacaco Cuppamoka
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Wacaco are pros at creating portable ways to have a decent cup of coffee whenever and wherever you are, and now they have a brand-new product, the Cuppamoka which lets you make coffee by using the traditional pour-over coffee brewing process.

There is something so satisfying about watching a pour over, no pumping or effort required, and the results are a full flavoured cup of coffee at the end. The Cuppamoka is no bigger than a cup, everything fits neatly inside making it perfect for slipping in your work bag, camping kit, hiking bag or storing at the office or at home. This brewing method has had a bit of a revival in popularity recently and why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy it away from the coffee shop. Pour-over brewing method is prized for revealing the multilayers and subtle aromas of the coffee bean via control of variables such as water temperature, coffee saturation and extraction time allowing you to get it just the way you like it.

The cup will hold up to 300ml of coffee and is made from a durable stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps the drink hot for 2-3hours. The leak proof drinking lid allows drinking on the move and the uniquely shaped body makes it comfortable to hold, even in gloves. Inside the cup you will find the removable filter holder, drinking lid, collecting pad, 10 paper filters, scoop and instruction book. You will need to check out the instruction booklet maybe for the first couple of times to get the hang of the procedure but after a few goes it becomes a quick and simple process. All that’s needed to use the Cuppamoka is your favourite ground coffee and hot water, if you have a pour over kettle this will give you much more control over the water, but it isn’t essential. The Cuppamoka is another superb product from Wacaco, functional, portable and produces a delicious coffee, everything we have come to expect from this brand. RRP £26.90

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Enjoy a pour over coffee away from the coffee shop with this portable coffee maker.
  • Portable pour over brew
  • Compact, everything fits in the cup
  • Thermal cup keeps coffee hot 2-3hours
  • Robust construction
  • Easy drinking travel lid
  • Effortless to use