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Wacaco Octaroma Lungo Wacaco Octaroma Lungo
Wacaco Octaroma Lungo 4.5

My friend who has recently had a baby found amongst all the many essential baby shower gifts she received, one of the most useful products she had at her disposal was a thermal mug. It is a well-known complaint that new parents never get to finish a hot brew, but with the right equipment anything is possible.

The Wacaco Octaroma Lungo is a 300ml (10fl oz) coffee mug, if we break down the name the ‘Octaroma’ represents the eight-sided design, that provides a better grip along with the textured finish of the outer wall, whilst the Lungo means long, a measurement of coffee size. This sleek mug comes in five colours, Amber Yellow, Cadet Blue, Carmine Red, Dim Grey and the Pomona Green that we received, they all measure up at 3.18” x 5.90” (81 mm x 150 mm) and weigh 0.5 lb (235g) when empty. This cup is compatible with Pipamoka and Cuppamoka makers as well as 3rd party coffee makers (including instant coffee, tea and cold drinks if you are that way inclined, we don’t judge).

The Octaroma Lungo is a vacuum insulated mug that not only keeps your drink hot or cold but also preserves all the aromas for a full drinking experience, the double-wall stainless steel construction means the cup is comfortable to handle on the outside even with a piping hot drink on the inside. The leak-proof lid uses a soft and flexible cap that can easily be opened and twisted out of the way, it can even be done with one hand if the cup is placed on a surface, the thin lip design makes for a comfortable drinking experience and helps to prevent small spillages when the lid is open. As well as allowing new parents to finish a warm drink the Octaroma is suitable for the office or outdoor adventures, it fits in most car cup holders allowing you to enjoy your drink wherever you go. RRP £18.90

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Keeps your hot drinks hotter for longer and take them with you in this robust little travel mug.
  • Stainless steel double-wall insulation
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Fits in most car cup holders
  • Leakproof drinking lid
  • Handwash only