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Wacaco Picopresso Wacaco Picopresso
Wacaco Picopresso 4.5

We have been fans of Wacaco ever since we learnt we could have decent coffee halfway up a mountain with zero interaction with other humans, bliss, now we have had a chance to look at the Picopresso, Wacacos smallest and most compact portable espresso machine.

This dinky little device is just 9.05×7.24×6.64 inches and weighs only 2.75lb, the perfect travel companion, it comes with the Picopresso, double filter basket, tamper, scoop, brush, distribution tool, funnel, protective case, multi-languages instruction book, warranty card, and a Wacaco sticker because why the hell not. It features a naked portafilter, to produce delicious creamy espresso that flows directly from a standard 52mm 18 grams stainless steel filter basket. The water tank has an 80ml capacity that’s enough for a double shot.

Now this isn’t a coffee machine for those lazy brewers, this can take a little time to master but it will be so worth it in the end. Saying that, it isn’t complicated to use, just a matter of perfecting your grind, tamping, and pulling technique, once you have that down it becomes very easy, pop in your coffee, release to press handle and pump for up to 18 bar/261 psi pressure. You don’t have to worry about damaging it on your travels this thing is robust, made from metal and durable plastic it can withstand some impact and will last for years to come. When it comes to cleaning it’s worth enjoying your coffee first and allowing the metal components to cool down before getting your hands on the interior parts. We have mentioned about using the Picopresso in the great outdoors, but it can easily replace your office coffee machine and even your home maker without taking up any of your work top space. Once conquered the Picopresso produces a beautifully smooth espresso with the full depth of flavour and rich crema that you would expect from your favourite barista…which will now be you! RRP £109.90

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All the power of a barista machine squeezed into this compact portable espresso maker.
  • Super compact
  • Travel friendly
  • Robust design
  • Produces perfect espresso
  • Double shot
  • Not for those looking for short cuts