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Walkstool Steady Walkstool Steady
Walkstool Steady

This little accessory has been designed for the Walkstool Comfort, this can be used with all Walkstool Comfort models and has been created for three kinds of users, for larger people who need a portable seat, this will help to hold their weight for years to come. People who use the Walkstool outdoors regularly, especially on softer ground as the Steady stops the feet from sinking, fishing on soft or sandy banks for example. It will also provide extra stability for professional users working on slippery surfaces, wildlife photographers for example, the Steady is easy to attach, simply slip it over the feet when setting up the stool. RRP £21

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The compact and lightweight construction makes it a great travel companion; always ready when you need to take a load off your feet.
  • Two seating positions
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Shoulder strap
  • Comfortable wide seat
  • Breathable mesh