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Weatherman Umbrella Folds of Honor Stick Freedom Weatherman Umbrella Folds of Honor Stick Freedom
Weatherman Umbrella Folds of Honor Stick Freedom 4

I hate to be ‘that guy’ but Autumn isn’t too far off and with it comes those frequent showers and downpours our country is so well-known for! If your old umbrella is a bit knackered or has holes in it, time to think about upgrading to a new one. Of course, the perennial problem with umbrella’s is their knack to collapse in on themselves as soon as a stronger than normal breeze arrives! Well, this is exactly the problem the founder of Weatherman, Rick Reichmuth found while he was reporting on extreme weather conditions. He endeavoured to design his own one and this is the end result.

The focus with this umbrella is strength and durability. Firstly, the shaft and spokes are made from industrial-strength fibreglass, lending a solid, sturdy feel. Its total weight is about 750 grams so a fair bit more than your average umbrella but this weight is re-assuring as opposed to too much. It doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere soon and the handle is ergonomically designed for a decent hand-grip. They state it’s good for winds up to 55 mph which is a pretty strong gust and the kind of speeds that usually result in weather warnings so that is also reassuring. Not that this would be any good if it was a tiny canopy but they’ve got that covered too with a diameter of 44”, enough room for two of you at a squeeze or you and your dog when out on those essential walkies.

The fabric is water-repellent (would be a bit odd otherwise, let’s be honest, not to mention pointless!) and the canopies are vented so condensation doesn’t build up. When you want to store it, it folds in to a perfectly manageable 35” length. When you purchase this particular model, Weatherman makes a donation to the Folds of Honor Foundation that helps look after US war Veterans and their families. RRP $84

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A strong, reliable umbrella, perfect for those upcoming Autumn flurries.
  • Solid, not going to invert on you
  • Broad canopy
  • Stores away easily
  • Attractive design
  • It is quite weighty so not for those without a strong grip