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Ritter Hand-operated food slicer piatto5
Tre Spade TC-8 Inox Manual Meat Mincer
Humanscale NeatCharge
Fluidstance Level
Humanscale Liberty Ocean
Know someone who is now working permanently from home, treat them to comfort and support with a sustainable office chair that uses nearly 0.9kg (2 lbs.) of recycled fishing net in each chair, it instantly adjusts to each unique user in every position, without the need for complicated knobs,... Read more
Wipebook Pro

Wipebook Pro

Business July 5, 2021

Humanscale Diffrient Smart
Humanscale Liberty Task Chair
Cubii Pro Seated Elliptical Trainer
Cubii is one for the desk workers, or those less able to get out and about for some exercise. This seated elliptical is suitable for all ages and fitness and can be popped under the desk or in front of the sofa for a quick workout. Whether you are... Read more
Baronfig Squire Copper Rollerball Pen