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it is packed with details of the café TV studio set guaranteed to trigger some serious “Oh My God” moments

LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus
I must confess me and my wife are massive Harry Potter fans so this review will have elements of bias from start to finish! I have always aired on the side of caution with LEGO as I love it and could see myself falling into a collectors trap very easily,...
furReal Cubby the Curious Bear
furReal Cubby, the Curious Bear Interactive Plush Toy is tipped to be the hottest toy this Christmas and is aimed at children ages 4 and up. He is marketed a curious young cub, and is eager to be picked up and held (he hugs you back!), play peek-a-boo, and even...
Sphero Indi

Sphero Indi

Toys and Games September 2, 2022

LEGO Delorean

LEGO Delorean

Toys and Games August 4, 2022

Nerf Ultra Two Motorized Blaster
Hasbro Operation
Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core
Creatto Dragon
Creatto is a simple yet versatile building system that consists of just two primary components that can be woven together into countless 3D creations. The flexible yet durable plastic tiles interlock quickly and easily for all skill levels; no additional materials or hardware required! Soaring Dragon & Flying Friends™... Read more
Task Master the Board Game
This board game is based on the hilarious Channel 4 game show with the larger than life presenter Greg Davis and his incredibly patient assistant Alex Horne. This is best suited to taking to a friend’s house to play (it can get messy) you get to compete in ridiculous... Read more
Don’t be a Dik Dik
Get your mind out of the gutter, this is all about animals, ok so maybe there are a few double entendres here with game cards including the Cockchafer, Tufted Titmouse and Sticky Willy. The gameplay is similar to old maid but instead of persecuting an unmarried woman its focus... Read more
Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga

Toys and Games November 2, 2021

What do you get for the person who has everything, Goat Yoga obviously, this unique game combines the ancient discipline that is yoga and…an inflatable goat, what could go wrong. The aim of the game is to perform, to the best of your ability, real yoga poses and as... Read more
PLAYMOBIL Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus limited Edition
Celebrate the year everyone went camping for a holiday with this charming special edition of the iconic VW T1 camper, in a new colour and featuring cool chrome detailing, a furnished interior and surf boards that attach to the roof. Just like the real thing the seat cushions convert... Read more