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The Excel uses a 64mm2 Fuel Cell Sensor, a smaller version of a Police sensor, it has a 48mm full colour TFT screen and works with any drink drive limit in the world, this entry level fuel cell breathalyser has both outstanding accuracy and functionality.

The most accurate way to measure breath alcohol is to measure the deep lung air, to get to this air the user must blow out 1 litre of air before a reading is taken and the Excel will walk you through the process. To improve the accuracy even further, the readings are fine-tuned according to external temperature, the Excel’s tolerance is +0.15‰BAC, -0.00‰BAC, it means the Excel will read a little on the safe side.

Similar to the Lite 2 you switch the Excel on and slide open the device, pop in the blow tube and follow the on-screen instructions. The full colour screen gives clear and detailed readings of your alcohol level in a traffic light style green for low or zero alcohol, amber for when alcohol is present but under the limit and red when the alcohol reading is close to or over the limit with a don’t drive alert.

The Excel has a memory recall of your 24 readings, the blow tube receptor has a back light making it easier to using in low light. The “Pro” mouthpieces feature a one-way valve to eliminate contamination from previous tests for ultimate accuracy, just like the Lite 2 the Excel uses a notification when it’s time for recalibration after 11 months of use (you get 1-month warning). To calibrate simply post it to AlcoSense and it will be returned to you within 5 working days and alerts will pop up if the breathalyser is outside its operating temperatures (5°C-40°C).

The Excel also protects against inaccurate readings caused by “Sensor Saturation”, rather than allowing potentially unreliable readings to be shown, AlcoSense Excel will enter a protection mode which allows the sensor to recover before allowing further tests. The Excel comes with 5 mouthpieces, 3 x AAA Batteries and a USB Cable to download software updates. RRP £119.99 (£29.99 recalibration fee).

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With highly accurate sensors AlcoSense can be trusted to provide clear and accurate results in seconds.