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AlcoSense Lite 2 AlcoSense Lite 2
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The new AlcoSense Lite 2 is the entry level breathalyser, ideal for personal home use, this pocket-sized breathalyser measures up at 110 x 45 x 21mm, it can be set to any UK or Irish drink drive limit, costing just £44.99 it’s a great way to check if you are still over the limit the next morning.

Like all the AlcoSense products, the Lite 2 has been designed to be easy to use, just turn on the unit, pop in the breathing tube, wait for it to count down to zero and then blow until it beeps. The Semi-Conductor sensor produces instant results which are clear to read, displayed on the screen showing your level of intoxication in ‰BAC (per mille blood alcohol content) in increments of 0.1, the Lite 2 will alert you when you are close to or over the user-set drink drive limit with a don’t drive alert.

Powered by just 3 x AAA batteries you can use it anywhere at any time, the ASC feature can be manually selected by the user to deep clean the sensor and should be undertaken periodically to remove contaminants like residue and oxidisation from the sensor. The Lite 2 will pop up with a reminder after 12 months or 300 tests to send it off for recalibration to ensure the accuracy. The Lite 2 does not actively clear residual alcohol from the sensor after each test meaning that you must wait 5 minutes between tests, 6 blow tubes and 3 AAA batteries are included. RRP £44.99 (£22.99 recalibration fee).

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With highly accurate sensors AlcoSense can be trusted to provide clear and accurate results in seconds.
  • Highly accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Calibration reminders
  • Personal and professional models
  • Clear and fast results
  • Compact units
  • Durable casing