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Anker Nebula Cap Max Anker Nebula Cap Max
Anker Nebula Cap Max 3.5
Maybe I’m showing my age a little here but when someone says projector, I always picture a great big thing attached to the ceiling and a massive white pull-down sheet that the long-suffering teacher heroically struggled with (to be fair, all teachers ‘heroically’ struggled with any kind of technology when I was at school!) before a washy image appeared that could only be viewed with all the lights off and curtains closed. We’ve come such a long way since then thankfully and this little beauty from Anker is pretty good evidence of that.

This is the latest projector Anker have produced and it is so far removed from those days of my youth you’d almost be forgiven for thinking a teacher could work it (don’t be silly – it’s a pre-requisite for teaching that technology confounds you…). It has an impressive 200 ANSI Lumen bulb and can create an image up to the size of a 100 inch screen from a distance of up to just over 3 metres and still retain a quality image. The resolution knocks out at a decent 1280×720 with 60 fps so good enough for whatever you’re likely to be watching. The speaker tops out at ====dB and with the Bluetooth capability allowing you to pair up some Bluetooth enabled headphones, you can watch while camping and not annoy other campers. Helping with this, the fan runs at about 30 dB’s and doesn’t interfere to a noticeable degree with the audio, giving you a good cinematic experience.

The battery lasts about 4 hours so should be enough for most movies and it takes about 2.5 hours to fully recharge although it’s worth noting that it only charges via a DC charger, not USB so if you are going to take it camping, be prepared for a one-off experience! As well as this, the brightness can tend to dim the longer you use it, making it more of a night-time thing than watching in the daylight. RRP £432.99

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