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Portable projectors have been around for a while now but have always suffered with poor battery life and lack of resolution, not to mention that most of them are designed to be literally hand-held and so require ninja levels of balancing skills before you can actually settle down and watch whatever it is you’re projecting – hoping it doesn’t get knocked over halfway through! This projector is different in that it’s been designed specifically to be the size and look of a drinks can and so benefits from the stability of that shape.

It projects at 100 ANSI (American National Standards Institution) Lumens which is considered a more accurate representation of light given out than your standard Lumens scale and can project with good clarity up to 2.87 metres (this is where the projected screen hits 100” – go beyond this and you start losing that crispness of image). You can, of course go for a smaller image and a 40” display requires setting up the projector at just over a metre away, still enough that it shouldn’t interfere with being able to watch whatever it is you’re watching.

Speaking of that, although you can cast on to this projector, shows and movies that are with paid streaming services are not supported unless you use their apps. The Capsule runs on Android 7.1 and so is really handy for those familiar with Android and it gives you the option to connect via Bluetooth and so can use your phone for the controls which to be honest, is easier than using the remote provided. It’s also worth noting that there is an HDMI slot so for those that prefer to connect using wires, it’s easy to connect your laptop and view via that for example.

There aren many Android Projector options out there but you could do a lot worse!
RRP £324.98

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An Android projector with half-decent speakers and great resolution
  • 4 hrs battery life – plenty for most movies
  • Bluetooth allows music to be played through it also
  • Decent volume
  • Very portable
  • Definitely a dark room or night time only option
  • Fan is loud so you need to have the volume relatively high to compensate