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APEMAN M4S Mini DLP Projector APEMAN M4S Mini DLP Projector
APEMAN M4S Mini DLP Projector 4.5

This month we will be reviewing the successor from Apeman of the M4 with the M4S.

Firstly what is so impressive is that this tiny device (10.5cm x 10.5cm) can give you a home cinema experience of up to 100 inches, the unit is glossy black with beautiful curves and only weighs 270 grams. The box comes with the projector, instructions, USB-C charging cable, Mini tripod, HDMI cable and a USB plug.

The projectors internal battery is 5000 mAmp so can give you two hours play off one charge. On the back of the device there is the charging point, HDMI port, Headphone jack and a USB port so you can backward charge other devices. The controls on the device are simple to use, there is a power button that you hold for a couple of seconds and a minus and plus button to adjust the focus at the bottom there is a kick stand or a quarter inch screw for mounting on a tripod.

When the device is turned on some buttons flash up on the top of the device and these control the volume, light control and the keystone projection. The device is not wireless but you can cast if you plug in a Miracast dongle. After setup I was very impressed with the image and we took it camping and watched a film on a bed sheet under the moon and stars, campers walking by couldn’t believe the image was coming out of this tiny device.

For the full cinematic experience and gaming I would spend more money on a projector but for outdoor cinema, presentations this is absolutely perfect. RRP £195.49

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Turn your garden into an outdoor cinema.
  • Small
  • 2 hours internal battery for outdoor use
  • Good quality
  • Simple to use