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Blisslights Sky Lite + StarPort Laser USB Blisslights Sky Lite + StarPort Laser USB
Blisslights Sky Lite + StarPort Laser USB 2.5

The Sky Lite from Blisslights provides an instant atmosphere to the room, the Sky Lite uses two layers of colour, one for the nebula and one for the stars, letting you choose between Green/Blue (White Housing), Blue/Blue (White Housing), Green/Blue (Charcoal Housing) and Blue/Blue (Charcoal Housing).

This bundle also comes with a StarPort Laser USB which is available in three different colours Red, Green or Blue. Super easy to set up you simply plug in the unit and press the on button to start the projection, you can cycle through Pulse Mode, Stars Only, Clouds Only (nebular) via this button. The middle button lets you choose between a still display or a gently rotating projection, the speed is nonadjustable so it’s much more of a relaxing movement, not a disco. The last button flicks between the three brightness levels, unfortunately there is no remote control included and the chances are for the biggest projection you will pop the projector in the corner of a room making it more awkward to change the settings without a remote. The Sky Lite uses a direct diode, precision glass optics and holographic technologies, to deliver a relaxing environment and cool looking backdrop for videos or photos.

The use of a laser light means the projection is bright and focused all the way to the edges, even in well-lit rooms, as with any laser you should be careful to keep your indoor laser lights out of the reach children and prolonged direct eye contact with laser light can cause eye pain or even damage to people of all ages. This is a Class II laser product, a common category among indoor laser lights that means it will not exceed 5mW in power, while it won’t cause permanent eye damage, you should always encourage onlookers to look at the projection not the Sky Lite itself. The StarPort Laser USB can be used along with the Sky Lite for added light layers or as a stand-alone portable projector, with its USB plug and flexible neck it can be plugged into your laptop, a power bank, even a wireless speaker for some added ambience. This light is just the star effect, no nebular, it is also nonadjustable and stationary, handy if it’s something that helps soothe babies, adults and children who enjoy sensory experiences when away from home or a main plug. The Sky Lite does project a lovely calming light display, however for the price we would certainly expect a remote and a few more functions, an automatic timer for example or colour changing effects. RRP $69.98

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Instantly add a little ambience in any room with this easy-to-use projector.
  • Easy to use
  • Bright and focused display
  • Stationary or gently rotating
  • Three brightness settings
  • StarPort Laser USB portable projection
  • Expensive
  • Limited features
  • No remote
  • Housing could be more robust