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Bond Touch Bond Touch
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The Bond Touch are a set of bracelets that work in pairs and the idea of them sounds like the perfect present for those who are often separated, like long distance relationships or couples that are often away from home for work.

In the box we received two bond touches in black (also available in white), two sports bands in black (also available in gold and silver) and two USB chargers. The bands are highly adjustable and will fit all wrist sizes, they are also waterproof and if you wanted to change colour of the bands, there are twelve differently coloured sports bands available on their website and three metal mesh bands. They are charged by USB and battery life is four days, to charge fully they take around three hours.

To set them up initially make sure they are fully charged and download the Bond Touch app, the app runs on both ios and Android, make sure the other person does the same thing and then you can add them as a pair. Once this is done you can start communication with the bracelets and even coming up with codes ie 2 taps (I miss you), 3 taps (check your phone), 4 taps (SOS) etc. When you tap the Bond Touch it alerts your partner with vibrations reminding you that you are loved.You need to make sure that you phone is always within 10m of the Bond Touch or they will not work as they connect via Bluetooth to you phone to feed off the data. The App is really easy to use and I like that it allows you to see your partners location and what the weather is like where they are.
After using the product for a month it does work well although we did have some syncing issues every so often which took some fiddling, my main gripe with the device is that you do always need to have the App running in the background and it does drain your battery. However this is a really nice idea and the product does do what it says it would and is a really sweet idea for a present. RRP £108

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Stay in contact with your loved ones.
  • Innovative Idea
  • Comfortable
  • Lots of choice in Colours
  • Clever App
  • Syncing Issues
  • Drains phone battery