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BOOX Nova Air C BOOX Nova Air C
BOOX Nova Air C 4

BOOX (pronounced as books) released their first eReader in 2009 with mixed results, since then they have been improving their devices to the point, they can now comfortably compete with the big boys with a mix of fun and practicality. The Nova Air C has a paper like quality, with similar colour paper produced by the Kaleido Plus On-Cell ePaper display and has TÜV paper like display certification, with the front lights on or off, the colours are saturated and easily distinguishable. The ultra slim eReader weighs only 245g, making it easy to transport, it will even fit in a coat pocket, it has a 7.8-screen that supports magnetic pens and has Android 11 built-in. It has a 16 soft colour pallet with fixed brushes, various note-taking tools for example layers, notes search and custom templates. It has an improved handwriting feel that makes note taking a really natural and enjoyable process, there are built-in buttons on the magnetic protective case for easy page turning and comes in a bright orange with a fun print and more subtle silver.

The Magnetic BOOX Pen Plus features a precise nib, ergonomic grip, it attaches to the side of device when it isn’t in use although this could be a stronger magnet as it can be knocked off accidentally. There are built in dual speakers which provide a reasonable sound but are in no way mind blowing, the Air C also features 5GB of free cloud storage to save your notes and view them anywhere from your computer and mobile. Third-party apps can be downloaded to the device from the Google Play store however it isn’t made to be your go to entertainment device the colours and the screen aren’t glossy enough to binge a box set but will do for a quick catch up to avoid spoilers. If you are looking for a responsive, intuitive and colourful eReader/note taker with some extra features the Air C could be for you, ideal for students and creatives on the move especially with its hefty battery life lasting up to a month on standby. RRP $449.98

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A colourful and flexible eReader, perfect for working or reading on the move.
  • Paper like display and feel
  • Colourful note taking
  • Built in speakers
  • 5GB cloud storage
  • Great in direct sunlight
  • Intuitive and creative
  • Supports Android and Google Play Store
  • Responsive
  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for watching films