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Doro 7030 Doro 7030
Doro 7030 4.5

Well, here’s something I hadn’t even considered before: a phone designed for use by the senior citizens of our society. I feel ashamed I hadn’t personally ranted about this before, what a cracking good idea! Doro focus on providing phones for senior citizens and offer all sorts of features that cater for those members of our society that may not be quite as capable of enjoying all the bells and whistles everyone else seems to.

The Doro 7030 is a flip-phone for starters. So no embarrassing bum-dials! It also has really easy-to-use, large, separated keys with large, easy-to-see icons, ideal for when your eyesight is not so sharp any more. Combine this with the high contrast screen and it makes using it, easy.

But the real winner here (other than the fact that it’s a flip-phone – guarantee anyone that was a kid in the 60’s will be using this just like Captain Kirk as soon as they get a chance!) is the fact that it includes Facebook and WhatsApp already on the device. No need to download the app, it’s already there! Meaning your elderly relative will straightaway be able to connect with the rest of the family (hopefully not to the absolute horror of the younger ones…) and get involved with digital family life, reducing any feelings of isolation which can’t be a bad thing.

It has 4G, Wi-Fi and GPS, the battery lasts a decent while, covering several days if not used intensively (6 hours if speaking to someone all the time) and it also has a Doro Response Button for emergencies. It has a torch, you can set calendar reminders, adjust the font size and all the usual kind of things that people use phones for these days on a daily basis. RRP £82.99

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An easy to use phone, ideally suited to senior citizens.
  • Large, spaced buttons
  • Decent sized screen for viewing photos
  • Designed for ease-of-use
  • Enhanced sound and audio for the hard of hearing
  • Optional displays for visually impaired users
  • No display when cover is shut
  • Only available in Black or White