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Doro 780X Doro 780X
Doro 780X 4.5

Doro create products that use technology to bring people together in the most inclusive way possible. Just because a phone can do 100 different things doesn’t mean it has too, and complexity can put a lot of people off, convinced they won’t know how to operate it. The Doro 780X is one of their easiest-to-use mobile phones that considers safety and connectivity a priority, putting you in touch with only those most trusted.

The Doro 780X will only allow the three most relied upon contacts to be called and uses three large keys that give the user space to write their names on labels to quickly identify these people, no menus to navigate or numbers to remember in an emergency. Text messages can be received but not sent, preventing vulnerable seniors from accidentally sending out messages.

There is an emergency Response button located on the back of the phone – this is a free-to-use feature on compatible Doro phones that alerts pre-selected Responders, that are connected in the Seniors Circle of Care simultaneously, as well as sharing the GPS location of the senior in the event of an emergency. The safety timer can be activated when the user is taking a shower or popping out in the garden – for example, if it is not deactivated before the end of the countdown it will alert the emergency contacts. Alternatively, for £15 per month, users will have access to instantaneous, 24-hour support from the Doro Alarm Receiving Centre, should their Circle of Care be unavailable.

The phone has an IP54 rating making it water resistant from rain or water being knocked over onto it, but fully waterproof would be better in case it gets knocked into the washing up bowl for example. The Doro 780X is also hearing aid compatible with a T4/M3, T3/M3 rating, the ringer has 15 volume settings going up to 75dB at 1m distance, there is also a visual ring indicator. This phone provides a loud and clear sound as well as a large easy to read display, it has Bluetooth 4.2, optional display modes for visually impaired users, and 8 hours talk time with up to 330 hours of standby time.

There is a dual sim option which might be handy for some but feels like an unnecessary complication, it also comes with an upright charging cradle so it can always be in the line of sight when in the home. Setting up takes a little time, no issue for the tech savvy but it might mean the intended user will need a little help if they struggle with technology, it may even take a day or two for them to get used to it, but it is essentially very easy to use. The Doro 780X is a good choice for the vulnerable, elderly, visually and hearing impaired, or someone just looking for a super basic phone without all the bells and whistles, with fast and easy access to contacts when you need them most. RRP £150

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A great choice for keeping in touch and seeking help when needed without complicated and unnecessary apps and features.
  • Easy navigation
  • 3 speed dial numbers with name labels
  • Emergency Response button
  • Count down safety timer
  • GPS location alerts
  • Receive texts
  • Hearing and visually impaired optional settings
  • Loud volume and clear display
  • Good battery life
  • Might need help setting up the device
  • Would love it to be fully waterproof instead of water resistant