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Faitron HeatsBox Pro Faitron HeatsBox Pro
Faitron HeatsBox Pro 3.5

When it comes to eating well there is one meal that is always a struggle, lunch. With many of us having just a small amount of time to grab a bite to eat whilst either working, looking after the family or simply being out of the house. This can often result in purchasing unhealthy, environmentally unfriendly convenience foods that can quickly add up to an expensive weekly habit.

The HeatsBox Pro from Faitron not only gives you a convenient place to store your prepared lunch but will also heat it up for you anywhere that has a power supply, a version suitable for your car is also available. The HeatsBox come with the HeatsBox PRO, stainless steel removable inner dish, a lid for the inner dish, plastic divider and a 1.5m power cable. The lunch box measures up at 225 x 180 x 74mm and weighs 850g, the inner dish can hold up to 925ml in total, the divider can be placed in the centre and slide to either end depending on your portion sizes. This lunch box is 100% leakproof so there is no fear of it spilling out in your workbag or car in transit and the compact size makes it easy to bring on the commute. The HeatsBox Pro comes with a companion app that allows control of the temperature remotely from anywhere between 40-85°C, the swiss precision timer and schedule function means you can set when you want to eat and the HeatBox Pro will have it ready and waiting on time.

You can also select the size of food you are eating; Toast, Large or Medium Portions and the HeatBox Pro will automatically select the right length of time. There is also the option to choose between Cooking, Fast Heat and Gentle Heat, with the Fast Heat taking just over 40mins to reach 85°C. The inner dish sits in a reservoir that wraps around the sides to ensure the heat is quickly and evenly distributed to the food, the cooking feature lets you cook your lunch in the box when you haven’t had time to precook. You can check time until the food is ready on the app, the Keep Warm function will automatically keep the food warm for 30 minutes, ideal if you are running late for lunch. The HeatsBox can be used without the app but you lose out on the full range of settings.

The top of the HeatsBox Pro gets warm to the touch when heating (tested at the highest temperature), this remain comfortable to touch, the base however gets quite hot, almost too hot to handle, it is worth noting the surface you are placing it on before switching it on so as not to cause damage, you wouldn’t want to pop it on your lap to eat from at this temperature. The inside of the lid and the inner dish also get quite warm, a heat resistant edge to the inner dish would help with removing the dish or decanting the food onto a plate. The inner dish lid can be used to store leftovers however it takes a good amount of pressure to get it to close. The HeatsBox Pro could use a few tweaks to make it easier to handle when hot, the app could provide a few more features too like real time temperature feedback. All things considered the HeatsBox Pro is a good way of enjoying fresh, hot and healthy meals on the go, the app is easy to use, the lid keeps the smells in (so as not to upset your work colleagues). RRP CHF 149

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Ditch the pre package sandwiches at lunch time and enjoy a fresh, hot and healthy meal instead.
  • Three heat modes to choose from
  • Control temperature, 40-85°C
  • 100% leakproof
  • Choose food size
  • Fast heating
  • Schedule function
  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Base gets hot at high temperature
  • Inner dish could use heat proof rim
  • Inner dish lid requires a firm press to close (not ideal for liquids)
  • Not user-friendly in offline mode