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Gravastar Ferra Case Iphone 13 Gravastar Ferra Case Iphone 13
Gravastar Ferra Case Iphone 13 5

We’ve all done it (and don’t tell me you haven’t!). Brand new, lovely phone that we’ve queued up for, state-of-the-art, small fortune but totally worth the wait. Off we go on our merry way, showing it off at the very next opportunity to all your friends… and then someone bumps in to you, the phone falls out of your hands, dumps itself ungratefully on the floor and boom, one cracked screen later, you’re paying out a fortune to replace it. If only you had bought a case at the same time!

Now, phone cases are hardly a new thing but they have definitely evolved at the same rate as the devices they aim to protect. The iPhone13 is the latest version of Apple’s range of phones and the Gravastar Ferra Case has been designed to protect it, all 3 versions. It’s made from a high-grade polycarbonate (the kind of stuff that goes in to making really tough things like bullet-proof glass) and has TPU bumpers (tough, rubber-like plastic to you and me) to give it some real durability externally. The casing also has raised ridges around the camera, protecting this equally important weak point of any phone. Internally, it has a microfibre lining, giving your iPhone a comfortable casing to nest within and even more shock-absorbency. So much in fact that it is able to protect your phone from a drop of up to 6 ft, easily enough to get around that problem of someone bumping your phone loose – hooray!

Aesthetically, this case very much appeals to those who like the ‘solid’ look but the real deal-breaker for me is that fact that this case is fully compatible with all the Magsafe products Apple produce to go with their technology so no need to remove the phone from it’s case when wirelessly charging, a personal bug-bear of mine when it comes to other cases.

Tough, rugged and a very reasonable price, well worth it for your iPhone13. RRP £17.35

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Tough, rugged and well priced.
  • Tough
  • Durable
  • Relatively inexpensive when compared to replacing a broken screen!
  • Compatible with Magsafe accessories