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Holystone HS360 Holystone HS360
Holystone HS360 4.5

Remember when drones were just a fun toy? When everyone had a go just to fly something fancy around and everyone that wasn’t nerdy enough to buy an RC plane could safely ‘be cool’ with a drone? Well, they’ve kind of moved on now. Now we actually have a use for drones…

The Holystone HS360 comes equipped with a 2.5K HD camera (2560 x 1440p) mounted on a 2-axis gimbal. Not only that but it has a 118 degree FOV lens with a further 80 degrees available from the gimbal. In other words, you can get some really good pics and vids that capture a fair bit of detail for some truly stunning aerial shots of whatever it is you’re wanting to capture!

Not only does it have a fancy camera, it’s also got some nifty little features such as an Intelligent Flight capability where you set an area for it to circle around or tell it to go to certain multiple points using the app (literally just tap on a map to tell it where to go), allowing you to film or take pictures of an area as it goes. There is also an option that allows you to automatically follow whatever is being filmed (thereby keeping the framing of the shot) and even a ‘Return Safe’ function where the drone will return home automatically using the inbuilt GPS.

That’s all the fun bits. From a practical point of view, it has an effective range of 1000 metres, a battery life of 46 mins and 4 brushless propellors, leading to easier maintenance, not to mention superior stability while in the air. It also looks pretty cool if I’m being honest, kinda want to put an Action Man on top of it in a space suit… RRP $269

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Useful features, a really good camera and it looks cool. I want one!
  • Good quality camera
  • 1 KM range
  • Practical Features
  • Return Home function
  • Can take time to master it, maybe not for beginners
  • You need a TF card for recording photo’s or video’s