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We have had the pleasure of reviewing IQOS’ three previous models in the past and so we were excited to find out what improvements have been made on their latest model the IQOS 3 Duo!

We reviewed the original IQOS 2.4+, where we were first introduced to HEET cartridges as a concept and the whole experience. A year later we then tried out the IQOS 3 with improved design, battery life and charge times, shortly after we then tried out the IQOS 3 Multi which was the first all-in-one kit as it didn’t require a charge.
Philip Morris International have now kindly sent me the IQOS 3 Duo to review so what differences are there to the previous models and what improvements have been made?

Firstly, this is the first pocket charger based device that allows me to inhale two HEETS between holder charges which for me personally is the biggest advancement I have seen in the market. Other key differences are that the new IQOS 3 DUO has been slimmed down in terms of both the pocket charger and the holder and are also both much lighter. The holder charge rate is also much improved, the above are all massive improvements, the only one downfall we found was that the charge time of the actual pocket charge is around 2 hours, this is much longer than the previous devices.

With the menthol cigarette ban being imposed on May 20th this year, it is interesting to know that this law will not affect HEET cartridges, so when your stock of menthol filters runs out this could be a great alternative. Post May 20th 2020 this will be your only option to purchase mentholated tobacco.

The sealed IQOS 3 DUO box comes with the device itself, charging cable and plug, quick start guide, cleaning tool and swabs. The pocket charger is simple to use with only a single button and a strip of LEDs on one corner – 4 to indicate the pocket charger battery level (each LED equates to roughly 25% charge) and two individual LEDs to show how ‘ready’ the holder is. When both are lit, the holder is ready for two consecutive HEETS. During charging these LEDs pulse gently and, of course, you can always pop the holder out if it is only ‘half’ charged (i.e. enough for a single HEET). RRP £89

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Much improved from previous models and apart from the pocket charger charge rate offers a great amalgamation of all the best bits from previous models.
  • Slimmer and Lighter than previous models
  • Simple to use
  • Easy battery charge navigation
  • Allows you to buy mentholated tobacco post May 20th
  • Inhale two HEETs in between charges
  • Quick holder rate charge
  • Slow Pocket charge rate charge