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Jackery Explorer 240 Jackery Explorer 240
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The Jackery Explorer 240 is a portable charger to help bring your indoors with you wherever you want to go, with an impressive 240Wh battery on the unit we reviewed but it can go up to an ever more impressive 2000Wh!!

The device has one 230V AC outlet, one 10A car charging port and two 5V USB’s and you can quite literally power anything you want on this, I mean what is wrong with testing it with an extension and plugging in your TV and console when you are in the middle of a field getting away from technology. The device feels solid, solid in a way that you can chuck it in the back of the car with no remorse, it also has a convenient handle and only weighs 6.6 pounds. The dimensions of the Jackery Explorer 240 are 23cm by 14cm and 20cm tall and is actually quite attractive with its dark grey and orange colour scheme.
The Jackery Explorer 240 includes a 14.4V 16.8Ah or 241.9Wh battery, hence the name. To break this down it powered my tv and console for 90 minutes, to give you examples of more obvious gadgets you would charge off it.

Iphone 13 – 22 times, Samsung Galaxy S21 – 17.5 times, Macbook Air – 5 times.
On the front of the charger has an LCD display which will show you the level of charge left, output power of the devices connected and input power if it’s being charged. You can charge the power station three ways: using the included 19V, 3.42A 65W mains charger, the included car charger cable, or you can use an optional solar panel with its built in MPPT controller.

one gripe I did have with the device is that the AC outlet is low on the front of the device, so for some larger plugs with undercarriage I would have to have the Jackery 240’s front up in the air. You can switch off each of the outputs separately. The max output is 200W anything over that and the device will turn off, I found this quite educational as at home you just plug products in and suck up the bill.

A really decent gadget and one that is coming with us on all camping trips in the future. RRP $199.99

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Blow your friends battery packs out of the water.
  • 240Wh Battery
  • Charge your iPhone 13, 22 times!
  • Easy to use
  • Check your combine output
  • Charge through AC outlet as well as USB
  • Portable
  • AC outlet should be higher up