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Livlab Dodow Sleep Aid Livlab Dodow Sleep Aid
Livlab Dodow Sleep Aid 3

I am always excited to test out anything that offers to help me get a good nights sleep, for as long as I can remember I have struggled to switch my brain off at night, whether I’m mentally listing the things I need to do the next day or perfecting the ultimate come back in some imaginary argument it’s just constantly buzzing away.

The Dodow from Livlab aims to calm down that brain at night with guided breathing exercises, it comes in the form of a compact disc that looks a little like a coaster, this slim design means it will fit on even the smallest of night stands or can even be placed on the pillow next to you (although there is then the risk of rolling onto it in the night) as well as making it extremely portable.
The Dodow comes with 3-AAA batteries that are easy to install and has an LED light built in that projects a calming blue light (brightness < 1 lux) that relaxes the body without inhibiting melatonin production like the blue light from phone screens for example. The light is soft and dimmable to ensure any bedroom buddies aren’t disturbed, the light works in a metronome style with the idea being you breathe in the length of time it takes for the light to expand and out for the full length of time it takes to retract.

To initiate the program the Dodow requires a simple tap to activate the 8 minute mode or tap it twice to start the 20 minute mode, the blue light then appears on the ceiling. Once you have synchronised your breathing the light will begin to increase the length of time light expands and retracts, naturally slowing down your breathing and creating a sensation of tiredness. At the end of the exercise (8 or 20 minutes) the Dodow will automatically switch off, even if you are not asleep at this point you may find you are relaxed enough to drift off. The idea behind the Dodow is great, breathing in this way certainly relaxes the body and allows the mind to switch off, however the edges of the light are very soft which makes it difficult to spot immediately when you can begin exhaling. We also found it difficult to see the light directly above as there is no way to adjust the position other than rotating the disc, if the Dodow was on a slight platform with a ball and socket joint this would give you a wider range of adjustment, this could also offer up wall projection making it suitable for side sleepers. Like so many sleep products one size does not fit all, the Dodow is best suited for those that sleep on their back and just need that little nudge into relaxing into a natural sleep. $59.99

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The Dodow helps to focus the mind on your breathing, relaxing the body and brain into a natural sleep.
  • Compact and portable
  • Soft relaxing light
  • 8 and 20 minute mode to choose from
  • Dimmable light
  • Difficult to angle the light
  • Only projects on the ceiling (not the wall for side sleepers)
  • Soft edges can make rhythm difficult to follow