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Marmitek Gigaview 821 Marmitek Gigaview 821

Marmitek Gigaview 821

Gadgets November 1, 2021

Marmitek Gigaview 821 5

I am fortunate enough at the age of 36 and with a five month old to still be able to game in the evenings and even more fortunate to have a gaming room with a projector. When we moved into our new house we had space under the sofa to place the projector and that is where it has remained ever since, one day we will put it on the ceiling. Now for two reasons we were looking for a solution to get rid of the long HMDI cable that runs from the soundbar under the projector screen to the projector at the back on the room. Reason one it looks scruffy and annoys my wife, reason two our 5 month old will be getting mobile soon and we are baby proofing the house.

As we have enough projects going on in the house we didn’t want to put the projector on the ceiling as yet as that would involve a lot of drilling and when we do it we want to decorate the entire room. So I set myself a task to find a solution online and came across the Gigaview 821 from Marmitek. The description on the website reads that this HDMI extender allows you to transmit HDMI wirelessly from a TV set-top box, media player and/or games console to a TV or beamer. The GigaView 821 is particularly suitable if you want to game on a large screen and display in Full HD and 3D is important for an optimal gaming experience. Because the HDMI signal is not compressed, there will be no delay, leaving your response speed unchanged. The range is sufficient when you want to send signals to a TV in the same room or room next door.

This sounded perfect, not only does it allow me to get rid of the cable but I would suffer no latency from going wireless, my gaming is average at best so if moving wireless would give me any delays it would not be an option. It took me five minutes to get it set up and it worked perfectly, the cable is no longer required and most importantly no latency at all. My projector is 1080 not 4K but be warned the Gigaview 821 can only transfer full 1080 so if you are looking for a 4K solution this will not be for you. RRP €339.95

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Replace HDMI cables with this little invention
  • Uncompressed HDMI
  • No Latency
  • Full 1080
  • Simple to use
  • Makes the competition look bad