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If you’re anything like me, you’ve attained multiple different techy things over time such as a telly, gaming console, laptop, mobile and so on. But, trying to get them all connected is not exactly straight-forward. I recently had a few home movies recorded on my mobile that I wanted to get on my laptop. Then my partner mentioned how much better it would be to see it all on the telly, good idea and Simple right?

Cue problems. I ordered all sorts of cables (I’m not a hugely techy guy, to be honest a lot of it just confuses the heck out of me…) all that I ordered ended up not working (not to mention having to put the laptop down near the telly and turning it round to face away from you like a child on the naughty step so you didn’t have double-screenage), all because the cable didn’t reach. Not that I got there anyway, nothing worked! I digress.
Finally, I found this! A wireless HDMi (see, I know tech stuff now!). All I needed to do was plug one into the telly (LOVE how HDMi sockets are shaped different to all the rest…) and the other into the laptop and bingo, instant home movies on the telly! Now, some of you are thinking, so what, big deal, nothing new here. But the great thing with this one is that it also supports Airplay and Miracast (I’m not a complete neanderthal with tech…) meaning that you can stream content straight from your Apple items (iOS and iPadOS supported) and Android ones. I don’t even have to transfer it on to my laptop anymore. Life just got easier, although the other half does have to put up with my amateur attempts at filming being shown on the big screen now… RRP €349.95

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Stream straight from any device.
  • Plug-and-play – no drivers needed
  • Cross-compatibility with various devices
  • Er, wireless?
  • Cuts out the need for a ‘middleman’ (laptop)
  • Pricey but then, convenience costs.