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MecArmy TPX10 Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen MecArmy TPX10 Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen
MecArmy TPX10 Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen 3.5

MecArmy produce dependable EDC, outdoor sports, tactical operations and law enforcement equipment, for those who want practical products that can keep up with an outdoor lifestyle, crafted by a group of ‘tactical geeks’ who love outdoor activities and are skilled craftsman. When it comes to EDC a pen is one of the most basic essentials, if you are travelling light, you will want something that is compact, robust and always reliable. The MecArmy new product line includes the TPX10 Mini Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen, this version comes in at their lowest price, from here the cost jumps up with the Titanium Bronze, Zirconium+Geek-TI and Geek-TI respectively, there is also the option of choosing the Glow Bar colour to any of the pens for an additional $90. This mini bolt action pen combines both practicality and a little bit of fun, it measures up at 97.3mm length x 12.5mm body x 15mm top diameter it will fit comfortably in most hands with its chunky and multi textured design.

The TPX10 has been specially designed with an anti-skid strip and waterproof body, there is a CNC machined pocket clip, vial slot concealed on the top (6pcs 6*1.5mm) and uses the Germany LAMY M22 refillable, replaceable ink cartridge. This version weighs 34g, a comfortable weight to use but slightly heavy if you decide to wear it around you neck, there is a machined cut out for attaching a lanyard or carabiner clip. The L-type bolt action design allows for a quick pop out and retraction of the nip with your thumb, this might take a little getting used to as it is located on the side of the pen, but this prevents it from accidently popping out or becoming damaged when packed away loose. The ceramic bead located at the top of the pen can be used for self-defence and is powerful enough to smash glass without damaging the pen, whilst the fidget spinner just below provides fidgety hands something to play with for stress relief. The pen writes comfortably at any angle, the price is a lot to ask for, but you are investing in a pen that will theoretically last you a long time across many adventures. RRP $129.90

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A tough EDC pen with a fidget spinner for entertainment and ceramic bean self-defence feature.
  • Robust construction
  • Protective water-resistant case with foam inserts
  • Replaceable rubber washers included
  • Anti-skid strip and waterproof
  • Refillable Germany LAMY M22 ink
  • CNC machined pocket clip
  • Fidget spinner on top
  • Vial slot
  • Self-defence ceramic bead at the top
  • Expensive
  • L-type bolt action can be fiddley at first
  • Oversized case
  • Heavy