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There are positives and negatives to working from home, the positives being I get to spend loads of time with my partner and new born, the negatives are that the cat trays are in the office where I am sat nine hours a day.

Now we do clean the cat trays regularly but there are times when a sulphuric undertone takes over and an immediate remedy is required which is why I was eager to review the Moodo Air, a smart home aroma diffuser. We have reviewed aroma diffusers in the past but this is the first we have reviewed that can be connected to your smart home, allowing us to create a different ambience for each part of the day.

The Moodo Air can hold up to 4 different scent capsules simultaneously. The device is compatible with all your mainstream hubs, You can control the device, set schedules, and change scents through smartphone apps or voice controls. When purchasing your Moodo Air, you will also have to select your first scent pods. There are 20 scents to choose from individually or you can select scent families which go together and there are ten of these to choose from. After receiving the Moodo Air and scent pods simply slot the pods into the four slots on the device and follow the instructions on the app.

I really like the design of the product and with its diminutive size of 4” x 4.9” it can cover up to 600 square feet with a battery life of up to 7 hours and a recharge time of 4 hours. Each scent pod can last up to 2 months in daily use of 2 hours and are recyclable as well. RRP £149.90

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Each scent pod can last up to 60 hours and are recyclable
  • Nice Design
  • Covers large area
  • Long life scent pods which are recyclable
  • Intuitive