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Sometimes, convenience is the first thing on your mind and, in most cases, torches generally aren’t! Whether camping, walking around late at night, or trying to fiddle with your car after a breakdown in the dark, having to hold a torch with one hand can be quite debilitating. This torch gets around this by virtue of its small size and the fact that it’s designed to fit on your keys or clip on to your clothing using either the metal clip or the keychain hook provided.

At only 73mm in length and with a thickness roughly the same as an AA battery, it’s quite an easy addition to your keys that doesn’t really get in the way and it only weighs in at 17 grams so it’s not a heavy extra either. It has a choice of 4 different kinds of light (UV, red light, red/blue flash and regular white light) that all have their own source rather than using the same emitter. Amongst other uses, it can be a fixed red light for safety at night for example or, if you need to be found the red/blue flashing light can be very handy.

Useful things of course but how is it at actually being a torch? Well, the highest regular beam setting gives you an output of 300 lumens and a range of 78 metres which is huge for a torch this size! At this level the battery will last for about an hour, which would hopefully be long enough for most needs. At the next setting it will last a half hour longer but is only 50 lumens, although this should be enough for most tasks other than walking around outside in the dark. Recharging takes about 1 ½ hours via a USB-C port and gives 19 hours of life at the lowest setting. RRP $24.95

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Very handy at a pinch with a good beam strength and adaptable for most situations. Just don’t go relying on it for a long period of time!
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful beam for such a small torch
  • 4 different light types, each with their own emitter
  • Clip increases the versatility tenfold!
  • Not good for those with large fingers or who struggle with manual dexterity