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Nokta The Legend WHP Nokta The Legend WHP
Nokta The Legend WHP 5

The Legend from Nokta is absolutely packed full of features to make detecting as straightforward, enjoyable and fruitful as possible, it is their first simultaneous multi frequency metal detector perfect for multi-purpose treasure hunting.

This highly adaptable detector is suitable for all types of targets and ground conditions, it uses a versatile 11” DD coil and has a highly robust body and fully waterproof, IP68 rated construction, don’t let the weather conditions put you off getting out there and searching. In fact, get yourself in the water as the Legend is fully submersible up to three meters (10ft) and protected from total dust ingress. The Advanced Discrimination settings give you precise control over your detecting, with control over the depth and discrimination capability in messy sites along with silent and stable operation, ideal for beach and underwater hunters. For gold prospectors the Legend features specific tools for finding gold dust all the way up to big old gold nuggets in highly mineralized gold fields (we can dream right). We don’t have enough pages to dig into all the features the Legend has to offer but we will try to give you the highlights. You can choose between multi or single frequency searches, there are park, field, beach, gold field search modes as well as four additional slots in each mode where your custom modes can be saved.

The Pinpoint mode provides precise location and depth to avoid damaging items when digging them out, there is also saltwater mode, vibration mode for noisy environments or those with hearing impairment. The included wireless headset makes for a more comfortable experience, the noise cancellation prevents false alarms, the manual ground balance lets the user tune into the ground balance on specific search conditions. The Legend allows you to get rid of EMI easily with the Recovery Speed setting, there are 60 Target IDs and Harmonic Tones to play with, the backlit LCD control panel is user friendly, and the LED flashlight helps you take your detecting into the evening or early morning. This lightweight detector weighs just 1.4kg making it a pleasure to use for long periods of time, it has a comfortable balance to it and the battery can easily keep up with you with up to 20hours of searching time. The USB charger means you can charge the Legend via the mains or a powerbank, you can also stay up to date with firmware updates to get the most out of the detector. The Legend is well named, it is an absolute legend, a powerful detector, highly adaptable, easy enough to use that it will appeal to novices but with lots of adjustable settings that will attract experienced detectorists, you literally cannot go wrong with this machine. RRP $749

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Whether your new to the game or an old hand at detectoring you cannot go wrong with The Legend.
  • Robust, waterproof body
  • Packed with features
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • Highly adaptable
  • Up to 20hr battery life
  • Suitable for both novices and pros
  • User friendly