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Oaxis myFirst Sketch Book Oaxis myFirst Sketch Book
Oaxis myFirst Sketch Book 3.5

Life has changed a lot since I was a kid, if I wanted to doodle, I had the choice of using fax paper, lined paper or the back of my hand, these days kids have the digital world to scrawl away without wasting paper.

The Oaxis has created myFirst Sketch Book and to stop the adults feeling too left out it is suitable for them too, it comes with a smart stylus, three additional pen tips, a leather case and charging cable. The thin profile makes it easy to transport at 138.3×11.8mm, it is also lightweight weighing in at just 335g, this also makes it suitable for little hands to use. The 10” LCD screen provides an 8192 pressure point sensitive drawing area with an anti-glare finish making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It is powered by a built-in 1000mAh battery that will deliver up to 50 hours of drawing time after a two-hour charge, the stylus pen will also require a charge up and will last for almost 200 continuous hours. There are unlimited colour choices to draw with, but these will require the use of the app, your art will only appear in green on the screen. The app will work in real time over Bluetooth, they can also be played back so you can watch your designs take shape, amendments can be made by adjusting the font thickness, pen type and tip size.

The Sketch Book has a built-in memory which can save over 1000 pieces of artwork and notes, these can be saved into JPEG files for ease of sharing and editing. The writing experience is quite natural with the screen reacting to the pressure of the pen and changing the line thickness accordingly, saving is straight forward, and the app is easy enough to use. An issue we came across is there is no erasing option on the Sketch Book itself, this can only be done in the app, you will need to delete the entire image and start again. On the flip side if the battery dies or you switch the Sketch Book off your image will remain on the screen, just as you left it, the next time you turn it on. The Sketch Book is a little pricey for what it can offer but if you are looking for an uncomplicated drawing pad it is a good choice, plus it’s high portability means it’s ideal for keeping kids entertained on the move. RRP $119

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A portable, digital notebook, great for kids on the go.
  • Instantly digitised in real time
  • Built-In memory
  • Recording function
  • Natural drawing experience
  • Highly portable
  • No eraser
  • Limited features on the app
  • Stylus could be more robust