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We have all made paper aeroplanes, every now and then we get an absolute corker of a flyer but 9 times out of 10 it swoops and quickly plummets to the floor, but what if you had control of it once it left your fingertips.

Well that’s now possible thanks to Powerup Toys, created by Shai Goitein, a pilot, industrial designer, CEO and founder of this clever little plane. The Powerup 4.0 is the 4th generation of this successful Kickstarter campaign, after listening to feedback from the 3.0 they have upgraded the plane to be even more powerful and intuitive. The kit we received consists of the Powerup 4.0, Paper Airplane Templates, Spare Part Kits, Night Flight Kit, three foam kits from FliteTest, the FT EZ Bug, FT EZ Streak and the FT F22 as well as a Balsa Wood Tornado Updraft 12 Kit. The brains are located in the cockpit, it is here you can connect the Powerup App to the on-board computer and control your plane. The brand-new Autopilot Assist feature means anyone can fly this plane straight away although practise makes perfect, the real-time analytics show you how to become a better pilot over time.

There are two high speed motors, a new on-board flight computer and two new sensors, a gyro and accelerometer, this means you can control the plane with sharp turns and there is even an auto-loop feature which will impress your friends. The templates allow you to make a variety of planes to try out including the Invader, Valkyrie, A-9 Eagle and many more, there is also a desk stand for safe storage. The Night Flight Kit has a cool LED light strip which makes the Powerup 4.0 look freaking awesome, there are two rear wheels and a front wheel for easier take-off and landing but hand launching is still also possible. The plane will fly up to 10mins per single charge (25min recharge time), the Bluetooth connection offers up to 70m range, you can fly anything up to 20gram and push speeds up to 20mph. The app has lots of settings to tweak your flight experience, it hits the perfect balance of intuitive control, simply turn your phone to turn the plane, but with enough room for learning precision flight to keep things interesting. Each plane template, foam kit and the basal wood kit provides a totally different look and feel to the plane, it’s exciting testing out the different kits, one simply isn’t enough. The Powerup 4.0 is so much fun to play with, an absolute must for airplane and tech fans alike, you will never look at a paper plane in the same way again. RRP £100.39

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Paper planes will never be the same again thanks to this clever on-board computer.
  • Great fun
  • Loads of optional accessories
  • LED strip lights look great
  • Lots of styles and materials to experiment with
  • Intuitive controls
  • Flight assist with auto loop feature
  • Educational