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Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone and UC01 Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone and UC01
Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone and UC01 4.5

The MP01 has been designed to be a distraction free way to remain connected, no Pokemon Go or social media here, deliver only the things you really need and nothing that will steal your focus, with a simplistic operating system. The are no app icons, animations, or special effects calling out for your attention, there is no internet either, the phrase “I’ll just google that” is often a gateway to falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos. The MP01 comes in Black, White or a rather questionable Brown colour, with large, physical buttons, it can be used to make phone calls and send text messages, there is also a calendar with reminders and alarm clock. The most noticeable thing about this mobile is the battery life, some days I can charge mine three times depending on what I’ve been using it for, this phone can give you just under 300 minutes of solid talk time and up to three weeks on standby mode.

The slim design fits comfortably in your hand, pocket and bag, it uses a Gorilla Glass screen, (hands up if your current phones screen has a crack in it), it can handle the rough and tumble of modern life, the display and sound quality are faultless. One modern feature that is included is the Bluetooth connectivity, this allows you to connect with headsets and car systems. The UC01 Power and Focus is a handy desktop charging unit that has three USB ports with fast charging capabilities, allowing you to recharge three devices via on plug. You will probably find you are using this charger for other devices more than the phone as due to the minimalist functions the battery lasts much longer than your average smartphone. This phone goes back to what is at the core of the invention, conversations, allowing you to keep in touch with those that matter and take a step back from the hectic world of social media and modern technology. RRP £135

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Take a break from the digital world and go back to basic communications with this ‘Dumb’ phone.
  • Great for a digital detox
  • Dedicated Contacts button
  • Clean interface and simple navigation
  • Physical buttons
  • Gorilla Glass screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Alarm clock, Reminders and basic calendar
  • Internet free