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Storz + Bickel Crafty+ Storz + Bickel Crafty+
Storz + Bickel Crafty+ 5

The new Crafty+ promises better battery life and improved performance then its older brother so we were very excited when this was chosen for review. Similar to its older brother, the Crafty+ changes works the same from an operational perspective with the single button responsible for turning the device on, off, and adjusting the temperature.

The Crafty+ technically now has three temperature settings to choose from – two programmable in the app, and one which will rise to the max temperature with a quick triple-press. Loading the chamber with a good pile of ground cannabis or a full dosing capsule is a breeze and then you will just want to wait for it to heat up before taking a draw, the low draw resistance makes taking a hit a simple process.
The vapor quality is great delivering consistent, powerful, and flavourful hits. The hybrid of conduction and convection heating is working well, the heater keeps up with heavy pulls with smooth results.

The battery life is a huge step up from their older brother, doubling the battery life of the previous unit you can expect anywhere between 5-9 sessions per charge, depending on usage habits. The new charging time is also cut down to roughly 1.5 hours as well. The Crafty+ is simple to use, powerful, robust in design with a great battery life and charge time, really impressed by this from Storz + Bickel. RRP ‎€298

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If you liked the older brother you will love this
  • Great battery life
  • Quick charge Time
  • Smooth Drawers
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use