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Torras Coolify 3 Torras Coolify 3
Torras Coolify 3 4
It’s a universal truth that, in the vast majority of relationships one of the two will prefer the temperature warmer than the other and this will lead to much frustration from both parties! Certainly true in my household anyway. I’ll be happily sitting there in shorts and T-shirt and my partner will be wrapped up in her big fluffy dressing gown and pyjamas, complaining about how cold it is while reaching for that dreaded thermostat…

So, here’s a solution! The Coolify 3 is a device designed to be worn around the neck that, quite simply, cools you down. It achieves this through an airflow system that sucks in the air from around you and blows it up and around your face. Obviously, this alone isn’t always going to do the job of cooling you down – after-all, hot air being blown around is still hot air! The Coolify 3 has 3 pads on the inside (1 on either side and 1 at the back) that get cold and these rest on your neck, giving you a sensation akin to a cool towel being wrapped around your neck (minus the fluffiness!) making it more effective than a regular neck cooler. This simple feature means it can be effective when used outside on a hot day and not just inside when your partner decides to turn the temperature up to an uncomfortable level!

Despite its name, it doesn’t just cool you down either. You also have the option of heating your neck and providing yourself with some warmth on a cool day or in a cooler, indoors environment. The controls are easy and straight-forward with two buttons on the right-hand arm and the battery can last up to 14 hours if you only use the air-conditioning aspect of the device. If you have the cooling effect on maximum strength, you’re more likely looking at around 2 hours-worth of use before you need to recharge. RRP £238.86

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