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Twelve South PlugBug Duo Twelve South PlugBug Duo
Twelve South PlugBug Duo 3.5

Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that become the most useful products, the PlugBug Duo from Twelve South is a smart travel adaptor designed to work with your MacBook whilst on the move, the new MacBook only has USB-C ports, this can make it tricky to charge your iPhone, iPad and battery packs for example.

The PlugBug Duo saves you from buying dongles or carrying extra chargers, but offers the USB ports you might need right there in the adaptor, allowing you to charge two devices and your MacBook at the same time all from one outlet. This adaptor snaps onto the MacBook power adapter and the five plug adaptors means you can use it in over 150 countries, the adaptors simply snap on and off and can be used around the world including UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Continental Europe, North America and Japan.

It is worth noting that there are specific regions in European countries that may not use the traditional EU plug adapter that is included so it is always worth checking what adaptor you need before travelling. Another issue is that the newest PlugBug Duo will not work with the Apple extension cords that were previously shipped with your MacBook (current MacBooks do not ship with the extension cable) due to updates in power regulations. Twelve South’s power-connecting pin is designed to be the most efficient for wattage distribution, which unfortunately, does not mimic the same design as the original extension cables.

The PlugBug Duo is a 2.1A (12W) charger and this is the total power it can provide, if one device is being charged via USB, the top port (labelled “2.1”) is recommended for the fastest charge of your device. If two devices are being charged simultaneously, the power will be equally split between the two USB ports (1 amp / 6 watts each) which could provide a slower charge than you are used too, the bright red design makes it easy to locate in your suitcase and laptop bag.

If you are a frequent traveller or often find yourself in locations with limited outlets the PlugBug Duo is a no brainer, it is low cost and small enough to slip in your bag, a great travel companion.
RRP $59.99

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Charge your MacBook plus two other devices from one outlet in over 150 countries around the world.
  • 2.1 Amp USB charger provides fast charge to iPad or iPhone
  • Five travel adaptors
  • Charge three devices from one outlet
  • Compact size
  • Bold colour makes it easy to locate
  • Works with Apple MagSafe + USB-C Power Adapters and any USB charging cable
  • Not compatible with the original extension cables
  • Power is halved when both USB ports are used