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Varta Power Bank 10,000 Varta Power Bank 10,000
Varta Power Bank 10,000 4.5

A typical problem when out and about camping or just hiking in your favourite outside place is having your devices run out of charge, especially when you’re relying on them for route-finding! It’s not like they’ve got USB ports hidden in the ground for convenience is it? Well, not yet anyway… Until that happens (it won’t!), we have solutions like this power bank from Varta.

At just under 140mm long and 75mm wide, it’s about the size of a mobile phone and so will fit easily in whatever pocket/bag you usually use for that. It’s a little heavier (which is to be expected – it’s a battery pack after-all!) so maybe keeping it in a backpack would be a better idea than your pocket, simply for ease and comfort. This version can hold up to 10,000 mAh (a mobile phone holds about 1000 mAh so you would think you could charge your phone 10 times but, it states up to 55 hours talk time on your mobile so 10 charges from this is a stretch I feel!) and has 3 out ports: 2 USB A and a USB C. You’re able to use all 3 at the same time so you can charge multiple devices and it even has a function that allows you to charge the power bank while doing so. Pretty handy, and convenient if you don’t have time to wait for them all to charge individually.

This kit comes with a 50cm long Micro USB cable for charging the power bank itself so don’t forget to pack a plug adaptor if you have the ability to use a plug socket on your travels, otherwise car-charging is an option to help keep energy consumption and cost down. It also has bult in safety features to prevent over-charging and short circuits.
RRP £15

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Very convenient and inconspicuous power bank, well worth a purchase!
  • Not too heavy at 233g
  • Simultaneous charging of the power bank and your devices
  • Easily transportable size
  • Doesn’t come with a charging adapter – not everyone has one.