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Azio Retro Classic Keyboard Azio Retro Classic Keyboard
Azio Retro Classic Keyboard 5

Does anybody else find something about the noise of typing that seems to transport you to whatever time period your keyboard was designed in? Soft button presses and a gentle sound for most modern keyboards and a louder clacking sound for original type-writers based way back in last century. Some prefer the nostalgic feel that typewriters bring but, obviously, they’re not exactly practical in this day and age. Introducing the Azio Retro Classic Keyboard!

This thing is, first of all, gorgeous. The aluminium frame embraces a wood or leather surface for starters giving it an air of luxury and ‘specialness’ that you’re definitely not going to get with a bog-standard keyboard! The 2 wood-types available are Elwood and Maple while the leather is either black or white and the keyboard is designed to replicate those original typewriters both in form (without the paper and ink of course!) and in the satisfying ‘click-clack’ noise that the centre-lit mechanical keys emanate. It’s very satisfying to those of us who like it but you may want to be careful if in an office – some may not appreciate the noise (weirdo’s!).

Of course, the above is all superfluous if you don’t have the tech to back it up – we’re not still living in last century after all! The keyboard connects either via USB-C cable or up to 3 devices with Bluetooth, giving you the opportunity to switch between devices with ease and is also compatible with both Mac and PC, ideal for those with mixed devices due to work-issued equipment. The battery life is excellent with it only needing a charge every month or two if using it constantly and you get the USB-C charging cable included. The feet are adjustable so you can alter the angle to best suit your typing position too. What’s not to like? RRP £229.16

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Stylish, pleasant-sounding and practical, thoroughly recommend!
  • Compatibility with both Mac & PC
  • Replacement set of keys provided
  • Looks amazing!
  • Long battery life
  • Some in your vicinity may not like the noise but you can’t please everybody!