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Azio Retro Compact Keyboard (RCK) Azio Retro Compact Keyboard (RCK)
Azio Retro Compact Keyboard (RCK) 4.5

After checking out the Retro Classic Mouse we have already learned that Azio take design seriously and the Retro Compact Keyboard (RCK) is no exception, where the mouse can fit in with a number of varying styles the RCK has a much more defined look.

The first impression is this is what would happen if a vintage typewriter and modern-day computer had a little keyboard baby, its leather and metal combination will appeal to the steam punk community as well as those who enjoy the quirky or vintage look. This compact keyboard measures at 327.80 x 143.20 x 42.04 mm making it slightly thicker than most keyboards, it weights 2495g, it comes in four different designs Posh, Artisan, Elwood and the version we are focusing on, Gunmetal.

This wireless keyboard comes with a USB Type-C Cable, Mac and PC Layout replacement keycaps, interchangeable feet, a draw string carry case and thoughtfully designed cleaning brush. The keyboard is evenly backlit with a white light (orange on the Posh design), it has 6-Keys rollover, 5,000 mAh rechargeable battery that will give 9 months with the backlight switched off and 1-2 months with it switched on depending on the intensity. The RCK offers dual connection via either Bluetooth or the USB cable and it is suitable for PC, Mac and tablets (macOS, iOS, Windows, Android).

The Gunmetal has a Genuine leather top plate and the included palm rest also features the same leather covering the padding. Each key has a metal frame and produces a deep press, you get this wonderful ‘clicky’ response with each push so it truly has a vintage typewriter feel. The metal frame with exposed screws adds to the overall mechanical aesthetic and finishes off the look perfectly. If I was going to nit-pick, the only issue I could find is that my right thumb hits the edge of the frame around the space bar which could cause some irritation over long typing sessions. We fell in love with RCK, not only does it look fantastic but it has an addictively tactile response and performs admirably and when paired with the Retro Classic Mouse it perfectly combines old and new. RRP $219.99

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The beautiful vintage style keyboard will become a unique centre piece for your workspace
  • Gorgeous vintage design
  • Premium materials
  • Even backlight
  • Sturdy and compact
  • Portable
  • Up to 9month battery life
  • USB or Bluetooth connection
  • Clicky, deep press keys feel great
  • 6 keys rollover
  • Thumb hits space bar frame
  • Battery life with backlight greatly reduced