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Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD
Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD 5

The MX500 is available in both M.2 and 2.5-inch varieties, so with both these options the model is installable in pretty much any modern PC. We have reviewed the 2TB model in the 2.5-inch drive form factor, which means it fits in a standard laptop drive bay (for notebooks that still use full-size drives), or in most desktops. You can also opt for the much smaller M.2 version, which resembles a stick of gum and attaches directly to the motherboard on newer motherboards. No matter which version you choose, performance should mostly be the same, assuming that you’re comparing MX500 models of equal capacity.

Crucial offers the MX500 in a wide range, from 250GB up to 2TB. We have been looking at other brands and models from the competitors with regards to space vs price and the MX500 is the cheapest model we can find.

A speedy SSD offers such a significant boost to system performance because its memory cells allow much faster access to stored data than is possible from a moving drive head, which must seek specific areas on a conventional spinning hard disk drive (HDD) each time you open an app or scroll through a photo album. The MX500 is among the fastest SATA drives we’ve tested, which means that it will offer a dramatic improvement if you’re using it to replace an older HDD.

As a budget drive, the Crucial MX500 doesn’t come with specialized software to let you fine-tune performance. However, the SSD’s firmware is upgradable by downloading the latest version from Crucial’s website. The drive also comes bundled with an app from Acronis that lets you clone your existing hard drive, one of the trickiest parts of performing an SSD boot drive upgrade while maintaining your OS installation.
Because the Crucial MX500 is a top-performing SATA drive with aggressive pricing, it’s a strong choice for most everyday-use situations and with the 5 year warranty this is a fantastic choice. RRP £197.99

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The best value SSD on the market.
  • Great Performance,
  • Cheap price per GB
  • 5 year warranty
  • Available in 2 versions