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When we lived in the city we took a lot of things for granted, multiple takeaways available at a click of a button, a shop that is actually open during its opening hours and oh yes, internet, since we have moved into a larger home the internet seems to be reluctant to move out of the kitchen (first world problems I know, my house is too big and my gold shoes are too tight).

The Devolo Magic 2 is a good way to share the internet across the house, letting you stream a movie in one room, whilst someone can get lost in a computer game upstairs. The Devolo Magic 2 is a starter kit that can be adapted with additional add-ons to suit your specific needs, it comes with the Magic 2 LAN Adapter for connecting to the router, Magic 2 WiFi Adapter, installation guide and a two-meter ethernet cable.

Designed to get through thick walls and out into your garden the Magic 2 can push your internet up to 500m and speeds of up to 2400 Mbps. Devolo Magic adapters are compatible with all routers, network devices, devolo Magic adapters and products certified by HomeGrid Forum, dLAN Powerline adapters, other HomePlug AV products including the devolo Outdoor WiFi Powerline adapter are not supported.

The Magical Mesh WiFi system is suitable for surfing the web, UHD streaming, and gaming, even in the remotest corner of your home, it provides a stable and fast connection, no longer can you blame the internet lag for your terrible scores on Call of Duty. The wireless installation is straightforward and convenient in maintaining a tidy finish in your home, with the combination of powerline and mesh WiFi networking making sure you get a strong and functional connection you can rely on.

RRP £169.99

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Eliminate internet dead zones in your home whilst maintaining internet speed and stability.
  • Up to 2400 Mbps
  • Mesh WiFi and Powerline
  • Expands WiFi up to 500m
  • Tidy and discrete
  • Additional adapter sold separately
  • Expensive initial set up