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Fnatic React 4.5

Picture the scene, you are in the final 3 and the last of your team in a popular online game which we will cryptically refer to as Yell of Responsibility: Battle Area, you are in a room with two doors and you can hear footsteps.
Unfortunately, your bargain basement headphones cannot give you the detail needed to determine which door they are creeping up to, it’s inevitable you will cover the wrong door, get shot in the back and have to endure the follow up heckling from the rest of your team mates. You might not be able to magically improve your skills, but you can certainly upgrade your audio quality and this product from Fnatic is a great place to start.

This global esports entertainment brand is headquartered in London, founded in 2004, they are the most successful esports brand of the last decade, winning more than 200 championships across 30 different games. When it comes to accessories this lot know what’s important, the React headphones are exceptionally comfortable so you can endure hours and hours of gaming.

The earcups are made from premium protein leather which is ultra-soft against the ears and packed with memory foam padding, this padding is also located in the headband and shapes around your head and ears for all day comfort. The React headset comes with a detachable microphone and 2m extension cable splitter and connects via a single combo-jack, or with the included extension cable/splitter. Theses headphones allow you to pinpoint your target’s location thanks to the precise directional sound stage and engineering choice that provides a wide-open sound.

The designated frequency chambers offer up a tight bass that is clearly separated from the mid and high tones, preventing the blurring of sound, the roar of an air strike won’t drown out someone opening a door nearby. The 53mm drivers are calibrated for esports with tighter low end, no overpowering bass, whilst enhancing the mid-high range for the finer details. The streamer-ready microphone comes in the form of a large cardoid microphone capsule, capturing sound directly from your mouth. This dedicated and detachable boom microphone has a strong and flexible arm which securely holds in place no matter how vigorous the game play gets and provides distortion-free voice chat that your team mates will appreciate.

The only niggle we came across was the slightly elongated earcups leave a gap around the base where the jaw meets the neck, this means you do not get a completely tight seal however we found this had little effect on the sound quality when gaming at home. This reasonably priced headset offers the sort of sound quality and comfort you would expect to find in a much more expensive product, you will probably still end up shot dead and the butt of your friends jokes but at least you will know it’s coming. RRP €79.99

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An impression sound stage from these reasonably priced, comfortable gaming headphones.
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Impressive sound stage
  • Reasonable priced
  • Detachable mic
  • Distortion free voice chat
  • Chunky easy to locate mute button
  • Ear cups don’t form a seal at the bottom