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At first I thought, big deal, doesn’t look any different from any other controller I’ve used for my Xbox but, after re-arranging my furniture to get closer to my telly (used to a wireless controller you see) I started to play around with it and, I must admit, I was quietly impressed!

First of all it has a nice feel in the hands with a textured grip underneath and 2 back buttons that are easily reachable. These can be programmed like any other button on your controller without having to download any additional software. There is software available for this controller however, in the form of the GameSir Nexus (which is free to download on your Xbox) and this allows you to change the settings for the D-pad, joy sticks and even the vibration settings. You can save up to 3 different profiles using this thereby tailoring your set up for particular games.

As far as connectivity goes, the input latency is as low as 0.004s which (while marginally quicker than a wireless controller) on its own, isn’t going to make a whole lot of noticeable difference to the average gamer. The polling rate however, is 256Hz which is almost double that of most wireless controllers and, combined with the latency did seem to make a slightly noticeable difference, although not massive. But then, I’m not a pro-gamer!

The final thing to mention with this controller is the removable faceplate and the fact that it’s paint friendly! So, for all you artistic types out there that want your own unique controller, here you go. Personally, it’s my favourite feature of the Gamesir G7 and may tempt me away from a wireless controller after all if it weren’t for the fact that I’d have to re-arrange my entire front room permanently. RRP £38

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A good wired controller with a lot of customisation options and the ability to make it completely unique.
  • Comfortable
  • Programmable extra buttons
  • Good response time
  • Paint-friendly faceplate for customisation
  • If only the cable was a metre longer…
  • Speed difference not really that massive for your average gamer.