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Stick drift. There, if you’re a gamer I’ve succeeded in making you groan inwardly with frustration straight away, you’re welcome! So, how’s about I tell you a little story of when this reviewer came across a thing that, as far as us gamers are concerned, pretty much got rid of it? Now, wouldn’t that be a thing? What amazes me more is that these kind of sticks aren’t common-place because they far out-strip traditional analogue joysticks in all ways and the knowledge has been around since the 19th Century! It’s called the Hall Effect and I won’t bore you with all the science but in very simple terms it relies on sensor readings brought about by a magnetic field interfering with an electrical flow. This allows much more accurate response times and, crucially, means there is no physical component to wear down, hence the near elimination of stick drift (just don’t leave it near another magnetic source as this can tend to ruin things). That alone is a good enough reason to buy this controller but it’s got a few other things going for it too.

Firstly, it looks pretty funky! I love the fact that it’s transparent and you can see all the circuitry underneath and the geek inside me gets all filled with child-like curiosity and starts trying to figure out how it all works! Far more interesting than those opaque coverings you normally get. Beyond this it also provides a light show that flashes in time with the audio of your game that you can program via the Gamesir App. The app also allows you to change the functionality of your buttons including the rather useful ability to switch from Hair Trigger mode (more suitable for FPS’s) to Analogue mode (more suitable for driving games for example) which you can also do quickly via the controller using the ubiquitous ‘M’ button in the centre of the controller. The only thing letting this controller down in my opinion is the fact that it’s not wireless, but I can live with that. RRP £41

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The no-drift stick makes this a major contender for a long-lasting controller, let’s just hope they get to make them for the major consoles in the future.
  • Practically no stick drift
  • Love the look of it
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Programmable buttons
  • In-built gyro
  • Wired
  • Only compatible with PC, Switch or Android devices