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Gamesir VX2 Aimbot Gamesir VX2 Aimbot
Gamesir VX2 Aimbot 4.5

The first thing I asked was “who are Gamesir?”. A little research (alright, Google was my friend!) tells me they’ve been around since 2010, are based in China and that they are committed to creating gaming peripherals “that makes each player experience beyond and above a normal gaming experience.”

Quite the mission statement, so how does this translate in to this product and what does it do? Well, for starters, it’s very simple to use: It’s a ‘plug and play’ product so all you need to do is plug it in to your console and away you go! It’s compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5 and the Nintendo Switch and has wireless connectivity for a keyboard and mouse at a handy 2.4 Ghz too – more than enough to handle keyboard/mouse interaction, so you can avoid all those annoying wires (a given, having things wireless these days but hey, I’m an old gen console player – it still makes me happy every time I don’t pull the wire out celebrating!) when using this combo. It is still wired for cross-platform controllers however and, if you prefer old school (or, like me, you have to pick and choose which things are wireless due to your budget), you can connect a keyboard and mouse with a wire too.

An added bonus is the Bluetooth 5.0 Drivers that come installed on the device. Primarily this allows you to use the Gamesir App on your mobile phone, giving you options to tweak in-game settings such as mouse sensitivity. In case you didn’t know, Bluetooth 5.0 is backwards compatible so if you have an older phone with Bluetooth 4.2, you’ll still be able to make us of the app and this is available for all Android devices, via Game Store and on the App Store for Apple. RRP 44.99

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Play mouse and keyboard on your console.
  • Plug-and-play
  • Compatible with next gen consoles
  • Gamesir App
  • Not the most up-to-date Bluetooth capability.