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Gaming on an i-Phone can be awkward. With the screen encompassing the entire fascia, you have to rely on either on-screen buttons to get your desired result (and so reduce the amount of screen you can actually see the game in – not to mention the screen getting grubby quite quickly) or awkward-to-reach-comfortably buttons on the side of your phone that require you to perform finger gymnastics every time you want to relax! The solution is a device like this from Leadjoy. There’s plenty of them out there so what’s so great about this one in particular?

Well, for starters, they have my new favourite thing on gaming pads –Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors on the analogue sticks! These basically mean quicker, more accurate response times and a far longer shelf-life than your traditional analogue stick – it’s great to see this feature gaining wider use and hopefully, the larger console games company’s will start to follow suit in the near future! As far as this product goes, it makes for a very responsive gaming experience and gives you the reassurance that your controller is likely to last a while. The rest of the controller has the standard D-pad and 4 button lay-out you should expect as well as 2 shoulder buttons on either side and very much follows what has become standard controller lay-out.

The pad can be used with any i-Phone that has iOS13 or sooner with the i-Phone 6 being the lowest on the list of compatible devices so pretty far-reaching to be fair, great for those that haven’t been able to keep up with the latest devices. It also supports Bluetooth headphones (but not 3.5mm ones) and has a pass-through charger so you can charge while playing. Finally, it supports EGG 3DS and most of the popular streaming services such as Xbox Remote Play and NVIDIA GeForce as well as others. RRP £65.99

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A good choice for i-Phone users to be able to use what every other gamer out there uses. Oh, did I mention Hall Effect Analogues!?
  • Designed specifically for i-Phones with Lightning USB
  • Hall Effect!!
  • Familiar gaming lay-out – for once a product designed for Apple products that isn’t trying to be different for the sake of it…
  • No need to charge separately – works off the phone battery.
  • Buttons can’t be customised
  • You have to take any protective case off or your phone won’t fit