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Logitech Brio 500 Logitech Brio 500
Logitech Brio 500 4

With many of us still using video chat in our work and social lives having a decent webcam is a necessity, the Logitech Brio 500 is packed with features to make virtual interactions an enjoyable and productive experience.

This webcam is full HD 1080p with light correction, Show Mode and auto-framing, this requires Logi Tune, it is worth noting it is not available on Chrome OS, it is compact at 110w x 31.5d mm. The Auto Light Correction uses RightLight to automatically adjust to the environment, so you appear well-lit even in poor lighting, the Advanced Image Quality uses the 1080p resolution and AI-based face image for a crystal clear image, so your personality comes across over the screen. The Auto-Framing is powered by RightSight and centres the camera on you, this means when you stand and move around it will follow you keeping you in shot during meetings, when it’s time for a bit of privacy simply rotate the integrated shutter to completely block the camera.

The built-in mic has a range up to 1.22m provides noise reduced audio and also enhances your voice, so you’re heard clearly and not the washing machine or kids in the other room. The new Show Mode lets you tilt the camera down and present sketches, notes, or work in progress on your desk, the included mount has a micro-suction pad that secures the webcam to the back of your monitor, so you can make quick adjustments with one hand. The Logi Tune app provides additional features that let you to adjust the field of view, mute the microphone, adjust colour and image resolution, the camera can be set to 1080p/30fps (1920×1080 pixels) or 720p/60fps (1280×720 pixels). The Brio 500 is a good little camera, ideal for those who regularly work or socialise over video, the image is great, and the auto framing is great for anything active like work out classes. RRP £129

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The Brio 500 provides great images and audio for work and socialising over a virtual space.
  • 1080p full HD
  • Auto framing
  • Auto light correction
  • Universal mount
  • Physical privacy cover
  • Good mic
  • App and auto framing not compatible with Chrome OS
  • Not the cheapest