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Minix Z100 oDB Minix Z100 oDB
Minix Z100 oDB 4

Everything is getting smaller. Chocolate bars, wagon wheels, and definitely computers. I remember when I got my first PC as an adult, bloomin’ ‘ooge fing it was! A stack a couple of foot tall housed the motherboard and all the other essentials needed (including the ever-present giant cooling fans) such as the mightily fast (ahem) 256MB RAM and equally as impressive 8GB hard disk drive! My my, how things have changed…

This PC from Minix is, first of all, able to fit in one hand. In all honesty, it’s only a little bit larger than I remember my hard disk drive from that PC alone being! And it packs an awful lot in for that size. It has 8GB RAM with 256GB storage (like someone just switched the numbers round off my old one) and is completely fanless. Minix have optimised the design to ensure maximum heat dissipation so there is no need for a fan and, because of that, dust accumulation is far less of an issue too, ably abetted by the anti-static design. It also runs silently, ideal for environments where quiet is preferred. The processor is the Intel® Quad Core N100, ideally suited for office work and browsing – don’t expect any high-end gaming on this thing but that’s not what it’s designed for.

You get two HDMI slots so you can double screen (essential for office work these days), 5 USB ports (1 type C, 2 type A and 2 x 2.0), 3.5mm jack for headphones and mic and an ethernet port too for when the Bluetooth 5.2 connection isn’t enough. It also comes with Windows 11 Pro pre-installed so you can get started straight away. I remember paying about £800-900 for my old PC (first time I was able to get credit on anything!) and this rocks in at less than a third of that price. All you need is a keyboard, mouse and monitor and away you go. Kids these days, no idea how good they’ve got it… RRP £239.50

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An impressive piece of tech that exemplifies the progress we’ve made in computing over the last 25 years. If you’ve got the peripherals already, this is well worth the investment.
  • Silent running
  • Perfect for the office
  • Can double up as a competent media system
  • Weighs less than 100 grams
  • Not suitable for gaming really, the only thing putting me off…