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The Wireless Arctis 9X couldn’t have arrived at a better time, with lockdown now upon us and time now becoming more available for hobbies, gamers like myself will be looking for a comfortable headset that we can lose ourselves for hours without any aches or pains, so how did the Arctis 9X from steelseries fair up?

Firstly lets comment on the design, what separates this from other headsets I have reviewed is the fabric band which after a few minutes of tweaking was moulded comfortably around my head, twinned with the flat ear cups, after a few minutes I forgot I was wearing the set. This was tested after Call of Duty Warzone had finally downloaded and my first session on this was about 6 hours and I must say hands down this is the most comfortable headset if have worn, no hot ears, no aches, it has now been 3 weeks and I will not be going back to my old headset now.

With regards to features, on the right ear cup, you can control the power, Volume, Bluetooth and whether or not the internal microphone is muted for when you have a bag of crisps in hand. On the left ear cup is a scroll wheel where you can alter the balance between application audio (games, films, and so on) and the microphone. Everything is intuitively placed and easy to locate without the need to take off the headset entirely.

We bought an Xbox Wireless dongle so we could test this out on the PC as well as the Xbox, for both systems its really easy you just plug it in as you would any other headset. We installed the steelseries Engine which allowed us to modify settings and tweaked balances here and there, you will need to install this on a desktop or laptop. As I mainly play shooters I played with the bass so I can hear footsteps and doors opening a lot clearer and can determine the direction with more clarity.

The Immersive Sonic Spatial Audio is unbelievably good as well, It has been made so you can detect all of the noises happening around the player, regardless of how subtle or abrasive they might be and in games like Warzone this can be all the difference from getting to the final ten to being number one.
As you have probably acknowledged from above, I cant fault this headset I love it, oh did I even mention the 20 hour battery life??!!! For all you gamers out there this could be a really wise investment. RRP £179.99

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For all of you gamers out there this could be a really wise investment
  • Wireless
  • Great Battery Life
  • Comfortable
  • Great Sound
  • Sound Settings Unreal
  • Intuitive
  • Great Build and Design